At Storch Manufaktur® we get inspired by our daily lives filled up with hard work, intense travels... always surrounded by music, art, fashion and design (not entirely by chance cause it's what we love for ages).


Some years ago we were invited by our good friends from NYC to team up with them for an interior design project. Our friends, Noah and Rafael, have worked in that field for many years and have been hired to furnish several newly built apartments in the city. We were thrilled to be part of that, as we like to move from casual to professional working in that landscape.

Noah and Rafael want us to design dining and coffee tables. We pretty much liked the idea to focus on something which is a distinguished part in every home. People are brought into contact at tables to eat, drink, laugh and discuss... essentials in everyone's life.

During our time in NY we had some of those awesome nights at "The Tippler", a NYC icon located in Chelsea's Meat Packing District, where surprisingly we found out the bar offered a German Korn. One year later we came up with the idea to brush off the dust and create a new breed of Korn and we still follow our passion to design tables.


Locally made for cosmopolitan people with a devotion for life and it's value, feeling swell and being passionate about creating the best possible by paying attention to both the big picture and the small details... this is how we roll at Storch Manufaktur®.

6 Flavors
6.312 Bottles
3.156 Liter
Intense travels and tastings, lots of effort, love and patience led us to our range of Storch Manufaktur® liquors. Convince yourself of the sophisticated taste and rediscover the German Korn.
Nadine | Business Development Manager


Smooth & Full-bodied

The Signature Line – an exclusive and unexpected experience. Matured for several years in barrique barrels for a refined, smooth and full-bodied taste... with a pronounced character of grain. How to enjoy – straight and with passion.

Kräuter mit Korn

Strong & Aromatic

The Signature Line – handcrafted with a rich and intense character for real personalities. Made with a hand-selected variety of herbs – with an extra dose of thyme and sage. How to enjoy – with confidence... for a pleasant impact after a day full of hustle.

Erdbeer Gold

Fruity & Mellow

Handmade with love – a luxury and refined drink with 22-carat gold leaf and a powerful taste of sweet and mellow strawberries. Promises a fruity and berry finish. How to enjoy – it's best enjoyed in a bulgy glas full of ice or with your favorite prosecco or champagne and in good company.

Flieder Gold

Fruity & Floral

Glamorous mix of mild Storch Manufaktur® Korn and lilac with 22-carat gold leaf and a fruity, floral and natural character. It tastes like summer... How to enjoy – it's best enjoyed in a bulgy glas full of ice or with your favorite prosecco or champagne and in good company.

Minze mit Korn

Intense & Naturally Fresh

A distinctive drink for a cooling and persistent experience. With a tangy, fresh and natural note by the use of aromatic spearmint for an adventurous taste. How to enjoy – straight... liberatory to take a deep breath.

Clementine mit Korn

Fruity & Sweet

Straight from Paradise... made of organic clementines. A very intense and refreshing drink with a fruity, sweet and mellow character. A pure pleasure in the summer and as well in the winter time. How to enjoy – with lots of fun...

Wallnuss mit Korn

Nutty & Naughty

A combination that is driving you nuts... our Signature Korn enriched with organic walnuts, offers a smooth but intense taste. Our WALNUSS MIT KORN gives you the memory of a walk in the woods on a perfect day or the cozy feeling while enjoying an evening at home. How to enjoy – straight and innocent.

Birne mit Korn

Fruity & Bitter

Fabulous scent and taste of natural mellow pear... like hand-picked in grandparents garden. Sweet, fruity and slightly bitter flavor. How to enjoy – in the countryside...


The production of Korn is a real craftsmanship – the ingredients, the skills and the steady control of the entire process are essential for great quality and taste. That's why we focus on "made by hand" with natural ingredients. For the manufacturing process, we rely on the long experience and tradition of a small family-run distillery located in our region.

Several distillation and filtration processes during the manufacturing ensure a maximum rate of pureness.

For a smooth and aromatic taste, we use only organic wheat and locally sourced natural spring water.

The maturing in barrique barrels secures the smooth taste as well as the golden shimmer of our Korn.

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